Registering for an Alien Registration Card in Seoul, South Korea

As a sojourning alien here in Seoul, my grace period was quickly passing. I needed to go over to the Immigration office to register, get a visa, and apply for an Alien Registration Card. The process was fairly strait forward. Unfortunately, the process was as exciting and quick as a trip to the DMV in the U.S. There are two immigration offices in Seoul, the Mokdong Immigration Office and the Sejongno Immigration Office. Each office only services certain sections of the city, so make sure you know which one you need to go to before heading out. I made the mistake of going to the wrong one and made the process longer than necessary but my mistake did allow me to get a feel for both offices. 

Sejongno Immigration Office
Phone: 02-732-6214
Hours: Mon-Fri. 9:00 -1800

Location: The Sejongno Immigration Office is next to the Anguk subway station. If you are coming up the elevator, exit the doors and walk into the building directly on the left. The signs will point to stairs but if you need an elevator keep walking straight past the security desk and the elevators are to the left. I took the subway but I did see parking to the right of the building if you choose to drive. (Detailed directions HERE.) After my unnecessary trip to the Sejongno Office I learned that I needed to go to the Mokdong Immigration Office.

Mokdong Immigration Office
Phone: 02-2650-6211 (15)
Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00 -18:00 (Closed on Korean Holidays)

Location: By subway go to Omokgyo Subway Station on line 5. If you exit from the elevator walk down the street directly behind you (exit 7). The walk from the subway to the Immigration Office is direct but does take several minutes. Once the road Ts the office is literally right in front of you. This office is far cleaner, faster, and larger than the Sejongno Immigration office.  There is a parking lot infront of the office but it is small and is often very full so expect to wait in line if you drive.  (Detailed directions HERE.)

I used the GPS address 
319-2, Singeong 6 dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul when I drove.

Before you head over check with your embassy for the exact requirements needed by your countries citizens while in South Korea. (U.S. Embassy) You can also check the Korea Immigration Services website. I printed out all the paperwork prior to going by using this website. I needed to bring our passports, my husbands employment information, 1 color photo 3cm x 4cm, and 10,000 KRW. At the Mokdong Office there are picture services, photocopy services, and an ATM machine. All the forms you need are also available there. Technically one could go completely unprepared and still be able to do what is needed, although if you're toting around a sippy cup sojourner and speed is essential I suggest planning ahead. I was able to get the registration sticker I needed in my passport the same day and returned for my Alien Registration Card 3 weeks after my visit.
After spending all morning waiting at the Immigration office I was starving as soon as I walked out the door. We ate at the Japanese resturant right across the street from the Mokdong office. If you skip the first few pages of set menus the food is reasonably priced and was delicious. The parking out front is free. We were seated in a private room so Sam loved the freedom to run around. There are also kids meals on the menu.