Diono Radian Convertable Carseat Review

 Product: Diono Radian RXT Convertible Carseat
 Purpose: Car child restraint system
 Price: Ranges from $230-$240
 Specifics: Exceeds national standards in safety.

SCS Rating

Website: Diono

Since our family travels so often, we needed a convertible car seat that made life on the go as easy as possible without compromising Sam's safety. Website after website ranked the Diono (previously Sunshine Kids) as one of the top carseats in safety. Check the Diono website for safety details and videos. Once I has narrowed down the seats on safety I started looking into ease of transportation. I needed a seat that could tag along on a plane, was compact enough to be easily stored, and I could carry with ease. Without a doubt my favorite feature on the carseat is the ability to collapse it and turn it into a backpack, a traveler's dream! The only reason it lost a star in the SCS rating was due to its weight (that steel is heavy) and the height of the seat makes it a snug fit in the car when rear-facing (It does fit in our Honda Civic Hybrid though!). Pictures tend to speak louder than words so here are a few family pictures of our carseat in action.

 Sam in her carseat when she was 8 months old. She loved it which says a lot considering she would scream in the other 3 carseats we had before this one!
 Sam and her friend E. rear-facing in the backseat of a Honda sedan. There was plenty of room for a third! The seats are amazingly narrow.
Plane Travel

 The seat allows Sam to be at the perfect height to use the tray table at her seat. She is able to play and eat comfortably in her seat.
 Since she is accustomed to sleeping in her carseat she snoozes very happily on the plane.
 The carseat collapses and fits perfectly in the side compartment of our Bugaboo Donkey stroller. Perfect for getting to the airport on the subway!
 I am 5'1 and the carseat sits comfortably on my back. The backpack straps are removable for use in the car. The seat has a red strap inside the head rest that comes out for securing the bottom.
Sam at age 17 months happily sitting in her carseat on the plane. The seat is slender enough to leave plenty of room in the economy section for mom and dad! When collapsed the seat is thin enough to slide on the floor infront of the seat. Perfect for when Sam wants to use our row of seats as a playground.