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Registering for an Alien Registration Card in Seoul, South Korea

As a sojourning alien here in Seoul, my grace period was quickly passing. I needed to go over to the Immigration office to register, get a visa, and apply for an Alien Registration Card. The process was fairly strait forward. Unfortunately, the process was as exciting and quick as a trip to the DMV in the U.S. There are two immigration offices in Seoul, the Mokdong Immigration Office and the Sejongno Immigration Office. Each office only services certain sections of the city, so make sure you know which one you need to go to before heading out. I made the mistake of going to the wrong one and made the process longer than necessary but my mistake did allow me to get a feel for both offices. 

Sejongno Immigration Office
Phone: 02-732-6214
Hours: Mon-Fri. 9:00 -1800

Location: The Sejongno Immigration Office is next to the Anguk subway station. If you are coming up the elevator, exit the doors and walk into the building directly on the left. The signs will point to stairs but if you need an e…

Diono Radian Convertable Carseat Review

Product: Diono Radian RXT Convertible Carseat
 Purpose: Car child restraint system
 Price: Ranges from $230-$240
 Specifics: Exceeds national standards in safety.

SCS Rating

Website: Diono

Since our family travels so often, we needed a convertible car seat that made life on the go as easy as possible without compromising Sam's safety. Website after website ranked the Diono (previously Sunshine Kids) as one of the top carseats in safety. Check the Diono website for safety details and videos. Once I has narrowed down the seats on safety I started looking into ease of transportation. I needed a seat that could tag along on a plane, was compact enough to be easily stored, and I could carry with ease. Without a doubt my favorite feature on the carseat is the ability to collapse it and turn it into a backpack, a traveler's dream! The only reason it lost a star in the SCS rating was due to its weight (that steel is heavy) and the height of the seat makes it a snug fit in the car when rear…

Cheonggyecheon River Walk in Seoul with a Toddler

A river in the middle of the bustling city, what's not to love? Sam, Ryan, and I are frequent visitors of Cheonggyecheon River in Seoul. If we have no plans and Sam needs a nap we load up the stroller and head over. Something about the sounds of the river and the greenery puts Sam right to sleep. When she is awake she loves watching the ducks, fish, and in the heat of the summer Ryan and I enjoy dipping our feet in the cool water. 

Cheonggyecheon River is also a great place to take the kiddos to take some cute family pictures. 

Also, since the area is in the middle of the city there are always activities happening near by.  

To reach the river by subway to line there are several options. Line 1 to Jonggak Station, Line 1-2-3 to Jongno-3-ga Station, Line 2 to Euljiro 3-ga Station. (Map at the bottom of this blog entry.)  There is a ramp at the start of the river and an elevator in the middle of the walk for stroller accessibility. 
We stop either for ice cream in the summer or hot coff…