Herb Village with a Toddler in Korea

The family and I decided to escape Seoul for the weekend, take advantage of the amazing fall weather, and check out the Autumn Flower Festival at Herb Village in Yeoncheon. We drove from Seoul on a Sunday and it took us roughly 2 hours. Here is the GPS address that worked for us:

222 Buksam-ri, Wangjing-myeon, 
Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do
Map at the entrance. Gives an idea of where Herb Village is in Korea. (Red dot is where Herb Village is.)

The drive was scenic and more or less a straight shot north from Seoul. Parking was plentiful and a short walk from the entrance. Roughly 30 min. from Herb Village we started seeing sighs on the road. 
One of the 3 parking lots.

Tickets cost 15,000 Won for two. Sam was free! 
The festival is only running from 21st of September to 21st of October 2012 so plan a visit soon!
Hours are 10am to 10pm.

After the long drive we were ready to eat. We decided to check out the Korean restaurant. The views from the restaurant were well worth it, not to mention the food was delicious. We got all this food and it was only 18,000 Won. The restaurant was self-service (make sure you brush up on your Korean food choices, the menu is only in Korean). They had high chairs and floor seating. 
Sam enjoyed running around the grounds, smelling all the flowers, and checking for fish in all the ponds. 

There are plenty of tea/coffee shops, and benches for taking a break or feeding sippy cup sojourners.
The grounds were stroller friendly as long as your stroller has big wheels and is comfortable in a bit of rough terrain. I wouldn't suggest taking an umbrella stroller. 

We ended up staying all day and we took a rest as a family in a grassy area at the bottom of the park near the pond. It was a perfect shady spot and Sam quickly fell asleep. 

There are also bath houses on the grounds. We didn't go in but were able to use the foot baths outside. Each food bath has different herbs and felt very relaxing.

Before we headed home at the end of the day we checked out the second restaurant on the grounds. The Farmer's Table is an Italian food restaurant. The margarita thin crusted pizza, and lemonades were very good. Best of all we got to sit inside the herb gallery and eat while we smelled all the amazing aromas of the herbs!

The restroom facilities were clean but lacked baby changing areas so take advantage of the lush grassy areas and benches. 
Restroom in the parking lot.

On our way out I noticed a studio offering classes on soap making. Also on the way out there is a little pen with adorable rabbits. At the entrance of the Village there are plants and herbs for sale. 


Overall well worth the 2 hour trip out of Seoul!


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  1. Hi, i am Don and I'm from Singapore. This place looks amazing and i'm actually planning to travel to Herb village from Seoul during my October trip. But i have no idea of the ways! hope you will be able to help me. :)


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