Helpful Apps to have in Seoul, Korea

Technology is everywhere here in Korea. Even the subway has Wi-Fi! I've quickly become very dependent on my smart phone. I'm not the only one, Sam also enjoys her smartphone attached to her stroller. At first the thought of it made me cringe then I realized if I didn't live in a city I would most likely have a headrest video player in the car. Seeing as my stroller is my city minivan I caved and attached my old iPhone to Sam's stroller. She now enjoys her apps and clips of Elmo as we buzz in and out of the subway. Here are some of our favorites:

Mommy Apps:

Kakao Talk: This app allows you to text and call for free. The best part is once you download the app there is no searching for usernames or typing in contact numbers. All your contacts who already have Kakao Talk are automatically listed in the friends tab. You can also "befriend" companies and get discount coupons!

Jihachul: This app is the go-to app for mastering the subway system. You can do everything from saving routes to checking which side of the subway you need to exit from. 
English Korean Dictionary: Sometimes you need a little help in the language department!

Wingspoon: I'm fairly good about doing all my research when it comes to sighseeing but I tend to forget to look for restaurants close by before we leave. This app comes in handy during those situations. The app uses your location to list restaurants close to you. It's only in Korean but just looking at the pictures and the star ratings gives us a good idea of what's good.

Seoul Toilet: Only in Korea. This app uses your location to show you where all the closest public restrooms are. I prefer the map screen to the high tech interfaced screen but both aren't too shabby! If you're potty training your sippy cup sojourner, I would HIGHLY suggest this app! The app also displays the address to the bathroom when you click on it. Unfortunately it is only in Korean. If you use the map view you can see yourself in the form of a dot moving on the street. This allows you to ensure you're going in the right direction. Now if the company can just make one of these specifically for moms looking for changing stations and toddler toilets we would be golden!
Seoul Metropolitan Government:  This app shows the Seoul streets and color codes them based on traffic. This is really helpful when I'm torn with taking a subway or hailing a cab. Also helpful when deciding to stay for dessert or head home! :) 

K-Food Guide: This app is simple and easy to use. It gives you a general breakdown of what is inside different korean dishes. If your sippy cup sojourner has a food allergy or is a picky eater this becomes very helpful! 

i Tour Seoul: General tourist information about Seoul. I get a lot of ideas of where to go from this little app. It also has a "nearby" function that uses your location to show you restaurants, subway stations, and interesting sights in your current location. (Great when you find yourself and your littles ones with a little more energy left to go exploring!) Directions to each location are listed as well as English addresses. 

Visit Korea: This app was created by the official tourism organization of Korea. Similar to the iTour Seoul app set up but a lot more locations and information. 

Toddler Apps:  
(Keep in mind Sam is 16 months old. These are her favorite two things to do on the subway!)

Elmo's World, All About Faces: This reinforces the vocabulary she is learning.

My First Words:  We even bought the whole package for this app even though the free app is nice. You can customize the word flashcards to include personal items, family members, and even add your voice to the stock cards.