English Library for Children in Seoul, Korea

 Sam and I recently checked out the English Children's library in the Yongsan area. It is clearly set up for Korean children learning English but the staff was incredibly kind and helpful to Sam and I. They even allowed us in to read books during their lunch break. 
Here is the building you're looking for. Here is a picture of the hill leading up to the library. (Not for the faint of heart.) There is parking but it is extremely limited. 

There is a "Little Bears" room that is set up for young readers. On the back wall there is a TV and a very large selection of DVDs. Sam and I headed found a comfortable corner and read several books, cuddled the extra large teddy bears, and explored the extra large books. The staff provided me with translation for filling out the registration form, only one page long. After paying a 20,000 won deposit I was all set up to check out books and DVDs! (2 books for a 7 day period.)

Patrons must be residents of Yongsan to register. There are also weekly classes you can sign up for a fee for children 2 and up. The website is in English and very easy to navigate. (Website)

Sam and I stopped by the Latte King for lunch on our way home. They have Subway style sandwiches and yummy lemonade! (No highchairs so bring along your Totseat.) They have a stamp card so you can work your way to a free drink every time you head to the library with your little one.
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