Cake Decorating in Seoul (Take 2) With a Toddler

What to do when more than one friend has a birthday on the same day!? Go cake decorating with everyone! I took Sam cake decorating with several of our friends and of course all our babies! :) Thankfully the Jammy Cake cafe had plenty of space for all the mommies, strollers, sleeping babies, and of course cake decorating! This cafe was slightly different than the other cafe we had gone to (blog here) in that they also had cookies to decorate! Sam enjoyed chowing down on cookies, decorating supplies, playing with spoons and plates, and enjoyed the magnetic letters all over the cafe. The staff was very friendly and even played with the babies! 


Here is some more info on getting to the cafe:

Getting there by subway is easy. Take the green number 2 line to Sinchon Station and get out at exit 4. Follow the map after that.

The phone number to the cafe.  It is open Mon.-Sat. 11-21:00

Prices for base items. The decoration is extra.

Helpful Links:
Jammy Cake Site


  1. Hi there - SINCHON station is by Hapjeong and Hongdae. SINCHEON, where this is, is by Jamsil, south of the river. They're both on the green line 3.
    I'm glad I can read Korean on the map now & didn't try and find it haha.

    1. Thanks for catching that Kirsta! I try to get things as correct as possible but I'm still learning! :) I love when people put updates in the comment section, keeps things current! Thanks again!


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