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Love That Link!

Apple has a great download available for your iCal Calendar! Just click download and then subscribe and all the South Korean holidays are automatically placed on your iCal Calendar on your computer! It makes it very convenient for planning ahead!

Apple iCal South Korean Holiday Calendar

"The Blue House" Cheong Wa Dae Tour with a Toddler

We booked the tour of South Korea's presidential house, Cheong Wa Dae, also called The Blue House, as soon as we arrived in Seoul. Three months later, we took our tour! It doesn't necessarily take that long to take the tour but if you want flexibility on dates and times, it is best to book as far in advance as possible. The website is in English and is fairly easy to navigate. Be prepared to give your passport information when booking. We drove there and parking was easy to find since our tour was at 10am and we got there early. We parked at the Gyeongbokgung Palace parking, as suggested by the tour.

The tour desk and the bus pick up location are all located in the parking lot.  The parking lot is to the right of the Palace when standing directly in front of the Palace. We stayed in the area for over 4 hours and parking was only 9,000 Won. Make sure you utilize the restroom in the parking area before you get on the bus since there was only one other opportunity to go during…

Herb Village with a Toddler in Korea

The family and I decided to escape Seoul for the weekend, take advantage of the amazing fall weather, and check out the Autumn Flower Festival at Herb Village in Yeoncheon. We drove from Seoul on a Sunday and it took us roughly 2 hours. Here is the GPS address that worked for us:

222 Buksam-ri, Wangjing-myeon, 
Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do

The drive was scenic and more or less a straight shot north from Seoul. Parking was plentiful and a short walk from the entrance. Roughly 30 min. from Herb Village we started seeing sighs on the road. 

Tickets cost 15,000 Won for two. Sam was free! 
The festival is only running from 21st of September to 21st of October 2012 so plan a visit soon!
Hours are 10am to 10pm.
After the long drive we were ready to eat. We decided to check out the Korean restaurant. The views from the restaurant were well worth it, not to mention the food was delicious. We got all this food and it was only 18,000 Won. The restaurant was self-service (make sure you b…

English Library for Children in Seoul, Korea

Sam and I recently checked out the English Children's library in the Yongsan area. It is clearly set up for Korean children learning English but the staff was incredibly kind and helpful to Sam and I. They even allowed us in to read books during their lunch break. 
Here is the building you're looking for. Here is a picture of the hill leading up to the library. (Not for the faint of heart.) There is parking but it is extremely limited. 

There is a "Little Bears" room that is set up for young readers. On the back wall there is a TV and a very large selection of DVDs. Sam and I headed found a comfortable corner and read several books, cuddled the extra large teddy bears, and explored the extra large books. The staff provided me with translation for filling out the registration form, only one page long. After paying a 20,000 won deposit I was all set up to check out books and DVDs! (2 books for a 7 day period.)

Patrons must be residents of Yongsan to register. There are a…