Rainy Day Indoor Baby/Toddler Swing Review

Product: Rainy Day Indoor Baby and
              Toddler Swing by Playaway Toy co.
Purpose: Indoor swing
Product Details: Tension mounted as well as optional hardware mounting. Fits doorways 29 to 36 inches.
Price: $180

SCS Rating

We are still suffering from monsoon rains here in Seoul, Korea. When it looks like this outside the last thing on my mind is taking Sam out to the park.

There are few things Sam enjoys more than the swing. Even for someone, like myself, who loves heading out to find adventure, there are days the rain prevents me from going out the front door. As soon as heard about this indoor swing I got excited! The price almost stopped me from getting it for Sam (the reason it lost a star in our rating). Then when I was stuck on a 45 minute phone call and really needed Sam to stay put and be happy until I was done, I realized it would really be helpful as well as fun! Now when Sam is fussy and I need to start cooking dinner, or I need to make an important phone call (also known as the time Sam MUST have 5873403 things) I know exactly how to entertain her- The Rainy Day Indoor Swing by Playaway Toy co! Sam adores the swing, it entertains her during rainy days, and best of all it is a great "mommy needs a moment" tool as well! If you follow my reviews you know I love items that grow with Sam. The support bar can also be used with other attachments for older kids. (Check out the Amazon links below!)

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