Korea and Poop

My husband and I lived in Japan for years before we had Sam so Asian humor never really came as a surprise to me but here in Korea I wasn't expecting the obsession with poop. That's right, poop. In fact just today I took Sam to a science park (blog coming soon) and there were groups of school children surrounding a model of an astronaut. I have to say 1 out of 5 of them decided to pat the butt of the astronaut (or give him a poop needle (Google it!)) as they walked by. If I didn't know better I might have been horrified. I have to believe it stems from their humorous love of poop! Still not sure what I'm talking about, here are a few examples!
Bread in the shape of poop, even came with different fillings! We couldn't help ourselves, we bought some and it was delicious!

I took Sam to a Dalki play land inside the Time Square Mall and there was a character named Dongchimee that Sam thought was hilarious so when she saw his doll of course she wanted it.
 I'm assuming she doesn't truly understand him just yet but it will make for some funny stories to tell her when she's older.
I also like to buy Sam these wonderful Korean children study/sticker books. I find them in almost every bookstore I go to. She loves when we do them together and it's a great way to fill a rainy afternoon. Inside one of these books were 2 pages dedicated to animal poop. The child is instructed to match the animal to their outline and then on the next page identify what type of poop came from each animal. The teacher in me is shuttering at what I'm teaching her is funny. Then the sojourning mom in me just laughs! This is culture! ;)
Today I even gave in and allowed Sam to buy a book about poop. She is starting to really like Pororo since his image is everywhere in Seoul. She saw this book and it made sounds so she wanted it.

I'm just hoping all this talk of bodily functions will make potty training easier! 

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