Ice Gallery in Seoul, Korea with a Toddler

Although we were mentally prepared to battle the rain during monsoon season we weren't expecting the sweltering heat of Seoul in the summer. As soon as I heard about an Ice Gallery that is so cold you have to dress in down coats and put gloves on, I was all in!  (Below are photos of the street where the Ice Gallery is located and the entrance.)

The gallery has coats for rent (free) for adults and older children but nothing for toddlers or babies. Thankfully we were well prepared coming from Germany and packed Sam a down coat, warm pants, gloves, and a hat. I thought I had over packed but honestly she needed it all. Her little nose was cold at the end of the gallery.
Sam was not thrilled about having so much clothes on in the middle of summer.
 We went on a Saturday afternoon and the place was packed to put it nicely. If I had to do it again we would have went first thing in the morning or gone on a weekday.

Open: daily from 10am to 7pm
Admissions: 7,000 Won (Baby was free!)
 The entire gallery takes roughly 30-45 min to go through. The floors were semi wet so I didn't feel very comfortable allowing Sam to walk solo. Perhaps if it was less crowded it would have been okay. She was content being `carried around by dad and checking out all the sculptures. Guests are permitted to touch the sculptures, by far, Sam's favorite part!
 There is an ice slide for older children. The kids were having a blast on this thing and their laughter could be heard all over the exhibit. Delightful!

There is also an experience hall where you can learn how to make a mug out of ice. Sam was too young for this one so we skipped out. There is an extra fee for this.

In the hallway on the way down to the Ice Gallery there is a post-it note wall where people have left messages.
After our trip to the Ice Gallery we headed across the street to the Paris Baguette cafe to relax and enjoy a snack. The cafe is across the street to the left of the Ice Gallery.

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