Eric Carle Exhibit in Seoul with a Toddler

My husband and I took Sam to the Eric Carle exhibit at Yoongdang Art Hall to celebrate her turning 15 months old. I saw an article about the exhibit on the wonderful mommy blog Kids Fun in Seoul. You can find details about the hours and directions on the site. The exhibit also has a website you can check for more details.  Since the art classes at the exhibit are geared towards children 4 and older I was a bit worried that Sam wouldn't be able to enjoy the exhibit. Although she wasn't able to participate in the art class she was able to enjoy all the other displays with our help. We took the subway to Apgujeong Station and walked to the exhibit. Be aware it's a bit of a walk from the station. This is the building you're looking for.
 The exhibit is on the basement level 1. There are elevators so the exhibit is very stroller friendly.  The exhibit itself is in a fairly small room but there shouldn't be any issues for strollers to buzz around the area.
Since Sam was fast asleep when we arrived we spent plenty of time at the Eric Carle cafe. Everything has a cute Eric Carle theme and the coffee was very good. The down time also gave me a chance to shop the gift shop area. We bought so many crafts to do at home, stationary, stickers, books, and toys! 

 There are lockers at the entrance of the exhibit next to the cafe. They cost 500 Won to rent.

 There is a seperate room for the art classes for children over 4.

 The interactive displays were amazing. Even as an adult I enjoyed discovering all the different things to do.
 We took a stop at the letter writing station and wrote to Mr. Carle and told him how much we enjoy reading his books.

I have to admit my two favorite parts of the trip were getting to take Sam's picture at all the adorable scenes and getting to shop the gift shop!

 There is even an area where you can dress the kiddos up as the characters. Cute!

I checked out the restrooms in the area and unfortunatly there were no baby changing stations but there was a toddler's toilet. They also had a baby holding seat in the handicap restroom. I love those things, especially when I wear Sam and need to use the restroom myself!

Our time at the exhibit ended with story time. The stories are all read in English and the teacher did a wonderful job engaging the kids in the story with questions and hand gestures. Sam had a blast! 

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  1. OMG...I seriously hope this comes to a city somewhere near me! What a cute hungry caterpillar you have!

  2. I hope so too! You would love it! If you want to shop the gift shop while you're waiting check out ;)


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