Ergo Baby Backpack Review

Product: Ergo Baby Organic Backpack
Purpose: Diaper Bag
Price: $64.00
Specifics: 100% Organic cotton, machine washable/line dry

SCS Rating


I've always loved my Ergobaby carrier. You can see it in 90% of our travel photos. I saw the backpack but wasn't sure if it would fit everything we needed. When I needed to travel from Germany to Korea with Sam alone I needed something that could be attached to the Ergo when she was being worn on my back. This diaper bag fit the bill so I decided to buy it. I'm so glad I did. This was a lifesaver during our travels. When I had to navigate the check in counter and the security check points. I needed to have Sam out of my way and access to all our important papers, passports, and tickets. For traveling I attached the backpack to my front and put Sam on my back. The backpack is short so it is easily worn on the front without feeling awkward. For our day trips through the subways of Seoul I put her in front and wear the backpack on my back. Before I bought the backpack I was concerned that 2 sets of straps would be too much hanging off me (bad experience from former backpack diaper bag). Since these two items were made for each other, it never feels cumbersome. In fact, the weight ends up evening us out as Sam grows and gets heavier. My favorite aspect of the backpack are the Velcro straps at the top of the bag. They were made to attach to the Ergo straps. I also use them as an umbrella holder, attachment for the stroller, toy holder, shopping bag holder, and the list goes on. I also like the fact that it is masculine enough to share diaper bag holding duty with my husband. When we are together we split the weight. One of us holds the baby while the other holds the backpack. When I have to go out during the week solo I mostly wear Sam on my back and tote the backpack as a shoulder bag. I've demonstrated all of these holds in my video below. For the size of the bag it holds A LOT of stuff! During monsoon season I have to pack 2 raincoats and umbrellas on top of all our regular items and everything manages to fit.


  1. Hello -

    I just stumbled your site as I was researching Ergobaby carriers today. It was quite a nice surprise to read about your adventures in Korea. I am Korean-American and 36 months pregnant and reading your blog is making me want to see my little one soon and go visit Korea! Been over 14 years now. :-(

    Thanks for sharing your story!

    PS: Where did you get your oh-so-cool teething pads for your Ergo?


  2. Love your review. I have an Ergo carrier and need something for our travels from the US to Japan this year. It sounds like the ergo baby backpack might fit the bill! Happy Travels!


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