Cake Decorating in Seoul with a Toddler!

Okay, I have to admit although we went cake decorating as a family event Sam fell asleep as soon as we got there and she missed all the action. The original plan was to have her "decorate" a cupcake while we decorated a larger cake. 
We took the subway to the Hongik University station (Line #2, Exit #9) and walked down the street (Eoulmadangro). The building is on your right when coming from the subway. This is the building you're looking for. It is across the street from Kain Noraebang.

As we sat down the staff brought us a menu to pick a cake from. You can choose a filling type, size, and shape of your cake. They also offer you different color frosting. The staff did a quick tutorial on how to use the different tools. We aren't very crafty people but our cake turned out pretty decent. It was a lot easier than we expected it to be! 

The walls of the establishment are covered with design ideas and inspiration. There is an area filled with different toppings and pre-cut embellishments and letters. We decided that since Sam missed all the fun we would make a cake dedicated to her. She loved waking up to this cake! We went all-out and used a ton of different decorations and total our cake was less than 30,000 Won. 


The staff packed up our cake in a really nice take-out box with handles, it survived the subway ride home! We thought for sure the cake would taste terrible since the reason people go is to decorate a cake not necessarily for great tasting cake. We were pleasantly surprised at the quality. The cake didn't last but 2 days in our fridge!  Seeing Sam's face of excitement every time we pulled out her cake, priceless!
Address: 3F-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul 346-41
Phone: 02-332-9001

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