2012 Baby Fair at Coex Mall!

Discounts? Baby gear? Samples? SIGN ME UP!

Times: 10am-6pm
Location: Coex Mall in Hall A & B

I loaded Sam and myself up and headed to the Baby Fair at the Coex Mall today! I knew it was a big deal from local friends but I had no idea it was going to be HUGE! The event takes up two convention halls and vendors from all over the world are present and eager to show you all their new gadgets, toys, and gear to make a parent's life easier. I'm even a bit overwhelmed just trying to explain everything here. Hopefully this helps. For information on getting to the Coex mall (directions and hours) check out their website. Unless you get there before the fair opens good luck finding parking. If you go by subway just keep in mind there is no elevator for strollers when you get to the Samseong station. There are rental strollers available inside the Coex mall. If you preregister before you go you can skip all the "paperwork" and just sign in with your name and telephone number. I downloaded the "SamsungSDS" app to my iPhone and registered that way. Once you download the app (FREE) one of the first coupons displayed is the "BeFe" coupon, that is what you need to click on. You will be prompted to put in your information and then save the coupon in "My Box". Then you will be registered! (I promise it's easy!)

Then when I arrived I just had to sign in at the registration counter and they printed my pass. (Yes, you get a fun pass!) 

Once you have a pass you can wait in line. I arrived almost 45 minutes early and there was already a line at the door. 
Once the doors opened the line moved extremely fast and the place was nearly empty. By 12pm it felt as though all of Seoul was there. Best advice ARRIVE EARLY! 
This is what the event looked like after 12pm!
Several of the stands were giving away free samples and bags. At the entrance and at the information booths there are maps displaying where you can find each brand of product or store. 

Also at the entrance of the event there is a daddy's lounge. I just loved this idea! There's even a electronics charging station!

 Inside the event there is a very large nursing room with plenty of baby changing stations, tables and chairs, microwaves, and water. The only thing I didn't see inside were high chairs so make sure to pack your Totseat! There are storage lockers for rent right outside the entrance. 

The samples and free gifts were plentiful! Here is a picture of what I bought and a picture of all the free goodies we got! (All the free food didn't make it all the way back home!) 

There is a coffee house inside the event hall. Seating is hard to come by so stop by early. 

I would highly recommend the event to pregnant moms wanting to touch, feel, hold, test out all the products available in one place! Not to mention, a lot of the vendors were offering free delivery to homes in Seoul! 

Here are a few more photos of the event! Check it out soon, the even closes on Sunday 26 August
There are several stalls for maternity, post-pregnancy, and nursing clothing!

Bumbo had it's own stand with products I had never even seen before! Very cool!

Sam even got to take a picture with her favorite Gymbo at one of the photo zones! (Yes there was even fun for the little ones!)

Helpful Websites:
Coex Facebook Page

Baby Fair Website (Korean)
Coex Website About Event


  1. Hi! Just came across your blog while trying to find info about the Baby fair...I was wondering if they were selling Chicco carseats and accessories there...did you happen to notice? Our infant carseat base broke (was a very old used one) and I want to get a new one soon. Thanks!!

  2. Hi Leslie! Yes, Chicco had a huge section, in the front, to the right when you first walk through the entrance. There were several car seats on display. :) I hope you find what you need there.


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