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2012 Baby Fair at Coex Mall!

Discounts? Baby gear? Samples? SIGN ME UP!

Times: 10am-6pm
Location: Coex Mall in Hall A & B

I loaded Sam and myself up and headed to the Baby Fair at the Coex Mall today! I knew it was a big deal from local friends but I had no idea it was going to be HUGE! The event takes up two convention halls and vendors from all over the world are present and eager to show you all their new gadgets, toys, and gear to make a parent's life easier. I'm even a bit overwhelmed just trying to explain everything here. Hopefully this helps. For information on getting to the Coex mall (directions and hours) check out their website. Unless you get there before the fair opens good luck finding parking. If you go by subway just keep in mind there is no elevator for strollers when you get to the Samseong station. There are rental strollers available inside the Coex mall. If you preregister before you go you can skip all the "paperwork" and just sign in with your name and telephone number.…

Korea and Poop

My husband and I lived in Japan for years before we had Sam so Asian humor never really came as a surprise to me but here in Korea I wasn't expecting the obsession with poop. That's right, poop. In fact just today I took Sam to a science park (blog coming soon) and there were groups of school children surrounding a model of an astronaut. I have to say 1 out of 5 of them decided to pat the butt of the astronaut (or give him a poop needle (Google it!)) as they walked by. If I didn't know better I might have been horrified. I have to believe it stems from their humorous love of poop! Still not sure what I'm talking about, here are a few examples!

Bread in the shape of poop, even came with different fillings! We couldn't help ourselves, we bought some and it was delicious!

I took Sam to a Dalki play land inside the Time Square Mall and there was a character named Dongchimee that Sam thought was hilarious so when she saw his doll of course she wanted it.
 I'm assuming…

Rainy Day Indoor Baby/Toddler Swing Review

Product: Rainy Day Indoor Baby and
              Toddler Swing by Playaway Toy co.
Purpose: Indoor swing
Product Details: Tension mounted as well as optional hardware mounting. Fits doorways 29 to 36 inches.
Price: $180

SCS Rating

We are still suffering from monsoon rains here in Seoul, Korea. When it looks like this outside the last thing on my mind is taking Sam out to the park.

There are few things Sam enjoys more than the swing. Even for someone, like myself, who loves heading out to find adventure, there are days the rain prevents me from going out the front door. As soon as heard about this indoor swing I got excited! The price almost stopped me from getting it for Sam (the reason it lost a star in our rating). Then when I was stuck on a 45 minute phone call and really needed Sam to stay put and be happy until I was done, I realized it would really be helpful as well as fun! Now when Sam is fussy and I need to start cooking dinner, or I need to make an important phone call (also known…

Cake Decorating in Seoul with a Toddler!

Okay, I have to admit although we went cake decorating as a family event Sam fell asleep as soon as we got there and she missed all the action. The original plan was to have her "decorate" a cupcake while we decorated a larger cake. 
We took the subway to the Hongik University station (Line #2, Exit #9) and walked down the street (Eoulmadangro). The building is on your right when coming from the subway. This is the building you're looking for. It is across the street from Kain Noraebang.

As we sat down the staff brought us a menu to pick a cake from. You can choose a filling type, size, and shape of your cake. They also offer you different color frosting. The staff did a quick tutorial on how to use the different tools. We aren't very crafty people but our cake turned out pretty decent. It was a lot easier than we expected it to be! 

The walls of the establishment are covered with design ideas and inspiration. There is an area filled with different toppings and pre-cut …

Water Quality in Seoul, Korea

The information on the quality of water here in Seoul is conflicting. First you hear from the locals that no Korean would ever drink the tap water then you see articles in the newspaper saying the water is very safe. When we lived in Germany no one ever thought to question if our water was safe to drink. It was Germany, the land of solar power and windmills! I'm a born skeptic so I decided to test it myself.  There was a sense of security in knowing that I had held the results for my personal water source in my hands. Turned out that the water in Germany has a high pH, extremely hard, and had a higher level of Nitrate then I would have liked to see. ( Test Results Here) All these things were minimal and we drank the water but just had to use more detergent than I was used to. I wanted the same security here in Seoul as I pour a glass of water for Sam, so I went and bought another home water testing kit.

I ran the tests and sat in anticipation as each test result came back. Here is …