Water Quality in Bamberg, Germany

Germany? Didn't you move to Korea? Yes, you would be correct. 

I am in the process of running a few tests on the quality of the water here in Seoul, Korea and thought some moms in Bamberg would appreciate knowing the results of the tests I ran while I was pregnant with Sam in Germany, 2011. Similar to several moms, my pregnancy made me even more concerned about environmental contaminents. I wanted the peace of mind in knowing that our water was safe.
I ordered a simple water quality test from Amazon. Here are my results.

 The first test I ran was the bacteria test. The test comes with a small container with powder inside. The instructions call for the user to place a small amount of water inside the container, place it in a dark and warm location, and leave it for roughly 2 days.

The bacteria test came back completely negative. There was no bacteria in our water. (Whew!)

 I then ran the lead and pesticide tests. These tests came with a similar container to the bacteria test. The instructions call for the user to insert the test in a container of water.

 Both the lead and pesticides test came back negative.
 Here is the pamphlet explaining how to read the results. There was no lead or pesticides in our water. (Whew!)


I then ran the nitrate and nitrite combination test. This test consisted of a test strip with 3 pads at the bottom of the strip. This test called for the strip to be placed in a water sample for 2 seconds and then removed. After 1 minute the tests were readable. The Nitrate showed very minimal amounts and the Nitrite came back completely clear. Click here for more information on nitrate and nitrite.

The final test I ran was to find the levels of pH, hardness, and chlorine. I was interested in finding out how hard our water was for washing our cloth diapers. 

 The pH test came back at a high 10.

 The hardness test came back with somewhere between a 250 and a 425. The water is hard without a doubt. I checked with my cloth diaper detergent and changed my usage accordingly.

 The chlorine levels came back a zero! (Whew!)

Here are EPA maximum contaminant level standards. Click here to visit the EPA website and find out more.


  1. Hi! when you were living in Bamberg, did you live on base or off base? and those water tests did you run with off post water? thank you liza

    1. Hi Liza! We lived on-post and used our home water.


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