Totseat Product Review

Product: Totseat by TrendyKids
Purpose: Travel Highchair
Product Specifics: Machine washable!


SCS Rating

There are a few items I can't leave the house without when taking Sam on an adventure. One of those items is her portable high chair. I've owned 2 different types of portable fabric chairs and the Totseat by TrendyKids is my all time favorite! The key aspects that make this seat a cut above the competition is the ability to alter the bottom portion of the chair for different chair heights and the extra security strap. I've used a fabric high chair for Sam since she was 6 months old, the time I welcomed her into the world of solid food. By then she was able to sit unsupported. I wouldn't suggest this seat for infants under 6 months. Once solid food was needed we wanted Sam to join us at the family table. We've used this chair at home and on the go. When Sam was younger she had to reach up to get the food on the table; at that time we were mostly spoon feeding her so this wasn't an issue. Once she had the ability to feed herself she was at the proper height to reach food on the table. The price is extremely reasonable at roughly $30. Since we use this chair at home for a home highchair as well, the price blows a traditional highchair price out of the water! When traveling this chair is a huge relief. We don't have to worry if the restaurant has a highchair. If the food looks good we just walk in, talk about freedom!