Our Secret Garden: Yongsan-Gu City Hall Building

Sam and I have been visiting the Yongsan-Gu City Hall building frequently and it is quickly becoming our own secret garden. Since the building was close to our home I decided to pack us up and check it out. I'll have to admit I didn't have very high expectations for a City Hall building. I was delightfully surprised at the wonderful things we discovered!

When we first walked up to the building I noticed the huge container vegetable garden in front of the building. I had a mini homeschooling lesson with Sam about where our food comes from. I was able to show her what eggplant, corn, peppers, zucchini, and watermelon look like when growing! There is even a miniature hut that Sam had a blast climbing into and running around. 

To the right of the front doors are a few statues and a cute petrified wood picnic area. We had another opportunity to learn what the inside of a tree looks like. I also noticed there were bike rentals on the basement level! 
When we first walked into the building it looked very professional and I was worried we were in the wrong place. I noticed an information desk at the entrance and was able to ask if there was anywhere to buy coffee. On floor B1 there is a cute little coffee shop that also sells treats. 
Sam exploring the books at the basement coffee shop!
 After I got a quick mommy pick-me-up we headed to the elevator to explore the rest of the building. On the 10th floor we discovered a kid's zone, children library! All the floors were padded, stuffed animals were plenty, and several of the books were in English. The best part was the plentiful amount of mommy seating and the cooling air conditioning. It was perfect for relaxing and escaping the summer heat! Across the hall from the kid's zone is a cafe/study room. 
Down the hallway the doors lead out to a huge outdoor balcony with patio furniture and sun umbrellas! 
There was also a staircase leading up to a roof-top deck. The views of Seoul from here are amazing. (Best part, 100% free!) 
 Also on the 10th floor is a cafeteria boasting very reasonably priced food.

At the opposite end of the building on the basement level is an art hall area. Recently there has been a bubble exhibit housed there. I couldn't resist taking Sam, she just loves bubbles!

This exhibit is going on from July 7, 2012 to August 19, 2012! Price for tickets are 10,000 Won for children and 15,000 Won for adults. If you are driving there is parking available in the basement for 3,000 Won for four hours. If you want more information on the show check out the website www.bubbleshow.asia
I find it funny that a city hall building has become our favorite place to relax but we are thoroughly enjoying it! Every time we go we find a new reason to love it! 

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