Gymboree Classes in Seoul

Gymboree Baby & Toddler Classes in Seoul

As soon as I decided to be a stay-at-home mom here in Korea, I began researching things to do with Sam during the day. I ran across a blog post about gyms and play classes for kids here in Seoul. I decided to take the plunge and sign Sam and I up. I headed to the Lotte World location and after getting completely lost several times (the place is HUGE) I finally found the Gymboree studio! (Hint: Find the underground subway station, then find the sign for Toys R Us (next to the fountain) and head towards that. The Gymboree is across the hall from the Toys R Us. Although it is listed as the Lotte World location, it is actually inside the Lotte Mart building.)

Lotte World
2B-11, 2F Lotte World Shopping Mall, 40-1 Jamsil-dong, Songp

The staff members were extremely helpful and in perfect English explained which classes Sam would qualify for. At 13 months old Sam could take the Play & Learn class as well as the Music & Art class. There is a discount if you sign up for 2 classes so I decided to take the bait and do both classes. The staff was very apologetic that the classes were only in Korean. I simply laughed and explained that I would feel uncomfortable, at this point in our sojourning lifestyle, if the classes were in English! The studio also offers 4 free explore sessions to members. These are offered T-Th from 5:30-6:30 and Su from 2:30-5:30. This is a time to bring your child in and let them just explore the equipment and rooms without instruction. The classes are once a week for 12 weeks. With the double class discount the classes end up being roughly 23,000 Won a class. We choose to take a Tuesday and Saturday class so daddy could join in on the fun too! It's also nice that the classes are held in Lotte World so daddy and mommy could alternate getting some free time to explore alone if we want. The free explore sessions on Sunday are also perfect for that as well!

Sam adored her music class. She was delighted to play all the games, dance, explore the different instruments, and most of all socialize with all the other babies!

Play & Learn class was hilarious to say the least. Not only were there a ton of age appropriate activities for the kids, each lasting 5-10 minutes which is perfect for Sam's attention span, our first day was dress up day! The whole studio was decorated in a jungle theme and they had costumes for all the babies/toddlers! Here are a few of my favorite pictures:

Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles for everyone!

Exploring the hieroglyphics in the fake cave!

Jungle Sam exploring her surroundings! They even had pretend fire pits with roasting stuffed animals!
There was even an allotted time for arts & crafts! Sam got to make an ax!

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