Coex Aquarium in Seoul, Korea with a Baby/Toddler

Monsoon season is in full swing here in Seoul. I've been searching the internet looking for things to entertain the family while the rain cleans the city. One of the top recommendations on countless websites was the Coex Aquarium in the Coex mall. The mall is completely underground and directly accessible from the subway. The Kids Fun in Seoul blog does a wonderful job of explaining the different exhibits in the Aquarium as well as prices, times, and location. The Eat Your Kimchi site has a cute video of all the different exhibits in the aquarium.

As a mother to a baby/toddler (I'm still not ready to fully commit to the "toddler" title. Maybe pre-toddler? HAHA) here are a few things I learned on my trip I wish I would have known before we got there.

1. You can
rent strollers at the Coex mall so bring your sippy cup sojourner in a carrier and just rent a stroller if you want one. (Make sure you bring a form of ID you feel comfortable leaving with them as a deposit.)

2. If you do take a stroller there is
stroller parking available as soon as you enter the aquarium. You can also rent a baby carrier! (This is the first time I've ever seen that and I was impressed!)

3. There are
coin lockers right outside the aquarium to stash anything you don't want to lug through the aquarium. (1,000 Won)

4. There are
nursing rooms and changing stations inside the aquarium. I saw one at the entrance and one half way through the aquarium.
Nursing Room

Changing Station

Overall the Coex wasn't Sea World but it was just big enough for Sam to have fun but not so large to completely exhaust her. Most displays were at her level so she could explore on her own time which was wonderful!


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