Baby Wearing in Korea

As soon as I arrived in Seoul I immediately noticed something was missing... strollers! In Germany I had become accustomed to seeing strollers everywhere. Although I saw the occasional parent wearing a baby in a carrier, strollers were the prominent means of transportation. That all changed when we arrived in Korea. As our family ventured to museums and historical sites I began to notice that Korea has a strong baby-wearing history. It has managed to maintain this custom even through modernization. The market for baby wearing gear is competitive and styles and types are numerous. I've had to harness my desire to buy them all! There is one cuter than the next not to mention all the added features on the different types. The most traditional Korean baby wearing carrier is called the Podaegi. Although the oldest style, today there are still several woman who choose this style of carrier here, granted gone are the old fabrics. I've even spotted Podaegis in Hello Kitty prints! I recently bought a Korean baby carrier. It is a new model, not a Podaegi. I'm in the process of testing it out for a product review so check back and see how we like it! I have been told by a few older Korean people that I shouldn't carry Sam too often in her carrier because her legs will grow crooked. I figure my stump speech about ergonomically correct hip placement and duration of caring would be lost in translation, so I always just tell them I'll use a stroller next time (with a smile)! :D Here are some pictures I snagged of baby-wearing in Seoul!

Daddy baby-wearing!


 This is my all time favorite baby-wearing picture I've taken in Korea so far. This photo is of a grandfather wearing, whom I'm assuming to be, his grandson in the subway while pushing an empty stroller! (This is the traditional Podaegi carrier.)

Here are some interesting carriers I've spotted:

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