Tips & Tricks for living in a Hotel with a Toddler

As our family transitions from Germany to Korea we have been living in hotels for the past month. A hotel stay with a baby or toddler is hard enough, add the fact that we are living in one for this long just adds more need for creativity. So far I've found 4 tips to be of the biggest help:

1. Store baby toys in a bottom drawer. If your toddler is anything like mine, they will get into everything anyways, might as well have everything on child level meant for them. Sam loved it because she thought she was getting away with something. She was so quiet when she opened the drawer and sat there silently playing with her treasures she found inside. It also helped keep the small space clean and organized. We didn't bring her toy baskets to the hotel so this gave us a built in toy chest to put things away.

2. Pack a laundry bag. Without a laundry machine in unit, the laundry piles up. This way there is somewhere for it and keeps it out of reach of the little ones. The bag also serves as a laundry basket for hauling laundry to and from the laundry mat. I use it inside out for clean clothes on the return trip.

3. Pack a soft sling. Sam is used to falling asleep with me in the rocking chair at night. I was so concerned about this that I legitimately considered if I would be able to bring the chair with me to the hotel in Germany and find a way to box it up and mail it to myself in Korea. Once the insanity passed I realized I could achieve the same motion and closeness by walking her around in a fabric sling. The best part of a non ring sling is that I could safely sling her down. Meaning, once she fell asleep I could lay her and the sling on the bed, wiggle myself out and leave her to sleep. Doing this also gave her a warm blanket to go down with as well. The first night of this new routine was the hardest but once she understood the sling meant bedtime she had no problems with it. In fact, I'm now worried she will want to be walked in the sling to fall asleep once our move comes in!

4. Pack a bath. We generally always travel with a blow up bathtub because Sam loves bath-time and it is our nightly ritual. We've tried to just shower while holding her but she squirms, doesn't truly get cleaned, and without a doubt doesn't enjoy herself as much as she does with a proper bath. We have a BabyMoov inflatable bathtub with an infant floaty but I'm sure any small blow up tub would work. The tub also made for wonderful entertainment on hot summer days with no air conditioning. An added bonus is not having to worry about hotel tub germs. Even if you are brave enough to stick your little one in a hotel tub, 2 of the hotels we stayed at didn't have a tub at all. Saved by the tub!


  1. Nicole, I stumbled upon your blog when I googled "swim lessons in Bamberg, Germany." I recognize you from BES (We homeschool now, but were there briefly in the fall.) I wanted to pass on that one of my dearest friends is in Seoul (Camp Humphreys). If you'd like her information, I'd be happy to pass it on. She is a bit further on in the Mommy journey (9, 7, and 5 year olds), and such a great lady. Good luck on your travels. I blog, too, and look forward to reading more of yours!

  2. Hi Dion! I'm so glad you could make some use of my blog! I would love your friends contact information! :) We had so much fun in Bamberg and are thrilled to be in Korea now!


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