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Organic Food In Seoul, Korea

What's the first thing you do when you arrive in a new place? Usually, it's find something to eat. 
Nothing makes me yearn for good food like having to scarf down 3 airplane meals in a row. There are endless options of food here in Seoul. Amazing grocery stores are easy to find. My main concern was our families ability to continue eating organic food. I did a bit of research before we moved here and after reading articles about how eating organic may prevent cancer when eating in Korea due to the large amounts of pesticide used in farming, I became even more interested in how we were going to maintain our healthy eating habits.

Thankfully there has been a huge push by the Korean government to make organic farming, labeling, and consuming easier over the past years. This is what I've learned so far:

When shopping produce and meats look for these signs:
              I remember them by "go green" "yellow warning" and then "blue is between".
Most Ho…

Flying with a Toddler: Germany to South Korea

First my husband told me the flight to South Korea from Germany was going to take more than 20 hours, I shuddered. Then, he told me I would have to fly solo with our 13 month old daughter. Then panic set it. I started doing research and worked on my game plan to survive. I worked off two main ideas:

1. I need to be hands-free
2. I need to be able to carry everything by myself.

I've traveled my whole life and have discovered that there is no such thing as coming too early to the airport and I need to be able to run with everything for at least half a mile. Now, adhering to these ideas while also traveling with Sam was an order of the impossible.

While pre planning I knew I didn't want to hold Sam in my arms for 20 hours and with no one to pass her to having her own seat on the plane was a non negotiable. I also knew that she needed somewhere secure to sit so I could get up to use the restroom, and be able to fall asleep, without worrying about her. That meant I was going to have to…

Tips & Tricks for living in a Hotel with a Toddler

As our family transitions from Germany to Korea we have been living in hotels for the past month. A hotel stay with a baby or toddler is hard enough, add the fact that we are living in one for this long just adds more need for creativity. So far I've found 4 tips to be of the biggest help:

1. Store baby toys in a bottom drawer. If your toddler is anything like mine, they will get into everything anyways, might as well have everything on child level meant for them. Sam loved it because she thought she was getting away with something. She was so quiet when she opened the drawer and sat there silently playing with her treasures she found inside. It also helped keep the small space clean and organized. We didn't bring her toy baskets to the hotel so this gave us a built in toy chest to put things away.

2. Pack a laundry bag. Without a laundry machine in unit, the laundry piles up. This way there is somewhere for it and keeps it out of reach of the little ones. The bag also serves as…