Swimtrainer Freds Swim Academy Product Review

Product: Swimtrainer from Freds Swim Academy
Purpose: Baby swim aid


SCS Rating

If you follow this blog you are well aware how much our family loves going to the pool! Sam has been in the water since she was 1 month old. We love finding new swimming toys to add some excitement to our weekly trips to the pool. I fist saw this tube at our infant swimming class. At the time Sam was to young to try it out but the other babies seemed to really be enjoying it. When she was old enough I decided to take the plung and buy it even though we had 2 other swim tubes for her. I'm so glad I did! The other swimming tubes we have hold her perpendicular to the water. The Swimtrainer holders her as parallel to the water as I would feel comfotable at her current age. It allows her to experiment with mobily through kicking her feet and moving her arms, essentially all the movements she will need to swim. The tube deflates for easy storage in the pool bag. There are a few areas of the tube to deflate but I understand the need in order to create the support needed to hold the child in the correct position. The open and close clasp takes a few times to master but is easy to maneuver once you understand the mechanics. I also like that there are swimmers available for different ages and weights. Slowly removing assistance as the child ages. I look forward to buying the other Swimtrainers as Sam ages.


  1. This is a fantastic product. As a grandmother, I use it to take the children swimming with no worries of water getting in their faces and they are actually learning to swim with the ring. It is brilliant for supporting a baby in the bath as well. Grandparents and some new mums get such a backache holding the little ones in the water. The swim trainer really helps!

  2. I'm so glad you like the product too! It's always nice to hear that they work for others as well! :)


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