Croatia with an 11 Month Old Baby!

Duty called and my SCS Dad had to leave for a month. Sam and I didn't let that stop us from heading out on another Sippy Cup Sojourner adventure! I was brave enough to go without Dad but I wasn't brave enough to go completely solo so I partnered up with our good friends S. and W.. (You'll recognize them from our trip to Rome.)

We took off from Bamberg, Germany and spent 3 days in Croatia. We flew into Pula and stayed in Rovinj. We decided to save some money and flew with RyanAir. They have a reputation for being a frills free airlines, and after flying with them, they deserve it! With our tickets costing under 50 Euro we just couldn't resist! The airport in Frankfurt Han left a lot to be desired. The baby changing station was broken so I ended up doing mommy yoga to get her clean before the flight. One nice part about flying an airlines with no reserved seating was being able to get on and claim a seat for Sam and hope that the flight wasn't booked completely, which neither of the flights were. Sam is really at the age that we are both more comfortable in our own seats while flying. Once settled on the plane she was as happy as can be left to snack and play with her new toys I packed just for the flight. The airlines also gave me some trouble for packing Sam's stroller in a stroller luggage bag and trying to check it before the flight. In the end they let me check it for free but be aware any chance to nickle and dime you, they will!  

Once we got into Pula we stayed the night in the city to allow the babies to rest before we headed to Rovinj. We were able to find a really inexpensive cab ride from Pula to Rovinj. In Rovinj we rented an apartment style hotel with a full kitchen, two floors, and a bedroom. I usually love apartment style hotels so I can cook fresh food for Sam but I found traveling solo there wasn't a moment of free time left to cook. Thankfully I packed some organic premade baby food just in case and I was able to use it on the trip. 

When we first set out to explore the city and sights we took the girls out in the strollers. After about 2 hours we realized we could have completely left the strollers at home. With the cobble stone winding streets and steep inclines baby carriers were the only practical way to see the area. We folded up the strollers and left them in the hotel for the rest of the trip. With the baby carriers we were able to go anywhere and everywhere, including checking out the caves.

On the way home we took time to stop in Pula to check out the coliseum.

Where and How:
Pula: Stroller
Rovinj: Baby Carrier (Leave the stroller at home!)

Sam flying in her own seat!
Built in entertainment! Having a friend to travel with is wonderful, for baby and mommy!

On our first day of sightseeing with the strollers.

The travel high chair was a MUST on this trip. If the restaurants even had a highchair they only had one at the most.

Wonderful kids playground next to the market and shore!

Fresh air market where you can buy fresh produce!

Plenty of local bakeries!

I took the ErgoBaby coat to test drive it on this trip.

Not having to pack 5 different coats for the baby, PERFECTION! I just wrapped her in with me!

On this trip we also learned that you can wear an ErgoBaby carrier on the front and back! W. was a great sport on this trip!

Checking out all the cliffs and caves with baby happily in tow!

At the bus stop in Rovinj there is a wonderful children store with everything you could possibly forget at home. The staff was extremely helpful and spoke perfect English!

S. and W. thank you for allowing me to use the pictures from our trip! We love you guys and Sam adores her best friend E.!


  1. You make me miss traveling in Europe so much. It is nice here in Hawaii, bu nothing beats flying 2 hours or driving 4-5 hours and being in a different country. I enjoy reading which gear you take where. This is so helpful if we every venture this way.


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