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Living in a Hotel

We are leaving our beloved Bamberg, Germany and moving to Seoul, Korea. For the past 2 weeks we have been living in a hotel. Living in less than 400 sq. ft. has taught me a few things about raising Sam:

1. We don't need 95% of the gear/toys/things we have!

2. There is no need to baby-proof when you can literally see every wall of your house from the "living room" couch!

3. The less space you have the less time you have to spend cleaning/picking up, meaning the more time you have to spend at the park, which all equals out to a happier healthier baby!
Hopefully I'll remember these life lessons when we start apartment hunting in Seoul, Korea and start dreaming of bigger and bigger spaces.

Croatia with an 11 Month Old Baby!

Duty called and my SCS Dad had to leave for a month. Sam and I didn't let that stop us from heading out on another Sippy Cup Sojourner adventure! I was brave enough to go without Dad but I wasn't brave enough to go completely solo so I partnered up with our good friends S. and W.. (You'll recognize them from our trip to Rome.)

We took off from Bamberg, Germany and spent 3 days in Croatia. We flew into Pula and stayed in Rovinj. We decided to save some money and flew with RyanAir. They have a reputation for being a frills free airlines, and after flying with them, they deserve it! With our tickets costing under 50 Euro we just couldn't resist! The airport in Frankfurt Han left a lot to be desired. The baby changing station was broken so I ended up doing mommy yoga to get her clean before the flight. One nice part about flying an airlines with no reserved seating was being able to get on and claim a seat for Sam and hope that the flight wasn't booked completely, whi…

Swimtrainer Freds Swim Academy Product Review

Product: Swimtrainer from Freds Swim Academy
Purpose: Baby swim aid


SCS Rating

If you follow this blog you are well aware how much our family loves going to the pool! Sam has been in the water since she was 1 month old. We love finding new swimming toys to add some excitement to our weekly trips to the pool. I fist saw this tube at our infant swimming class. At the time Sam was to young to try it out but the other babies seemed to really be enjoying it. When she was old enough I decided to take the plung and buy it even though we had 2 other swim tubes for her. I'm so glad I did! The other swimming tubes we have hold her perpendicular to the water. The Swimtrainer holders her as parallel to the water as I would feel comfotable at her current age. It allows her to experiment with mobily through kicking her feet and moving her arms, essentially all the movements she will need to swim. The tube deflates for easy storage in the pool bag. There are a few areas of the tube to d…

Baby Furniture in Germany

From my experience living in Bamberg, I've found a few solid choices for baby furniture here in Germany.

For more high end baby furniture check out XXXL Neubert.

For more budget minded baby furniture check out Momax or Ikea.

For a wide selection of baby furniture and gear check out Philipp. (Personal Favorite)