Berlin with a 7 month old baby!

We had family come and visit for the winter holidays. We decided to drive to Berlin and spend a few days in the capital of Germany.

We rented a vacation rental apartment. I can't say enough positive things about renting an apartment when traveling with a sippy cup sojourner. We had a full kitchen, living room, 2 bedrooms, and a washer and dryer. When we spent the entire day out and Sam decided we were going to go home, we were fully prepared to make dinner. Here are a few pictures of the place we rented.
The car ride there was roughly 4 hours long. I was so glad to see the infant carseat go. In her larger carseat I was able to just lean over and nurse her whenever she wanted. No more need to pack the pump! YAY! I also took along a new toy for every hour we were going to be on the road. I picked up simple, inexpensive toys she hadn't seen before to entertain her during her time awake. Thankfully she also slept for half the trip.

Berlin is very much a living city and most of the attractions are stroller accessible. For trips with lots of bus and train transfers I would leave the stroller at home and stick to the baby carrier. Every museum we went into had a baby changing table or room. The city is littered with coffee shops, or as I like to call them- nursing refueling stations. We stop have some water, coffee, a bite to eat, then feed the baby, change the baby, regroup, and head out again. Traveling pre-baby we never thought about taking rest stops. We would go go go until we crashed at night. I have to admit having a baby has slowed us down just enough to finally be able to truly enjoy and soak in everything we are seeing. At each stop we sit and talk about where we are, what we're doing, and just share a laugh.

Sam was at the age where she wanted entertainment in her stroller. We bought some tethers before we left and I was very glad we had them on the trip. In true baby fashion, she would throw down or drop her toys on the go. The tether would hold on to them and keep them off the subway floor!Berlin has an amazing zoo that children of all ages will enjoy. There was something magical about watching Sam stare down her first tiger.

Where and How:
Brandenburger Tor: Stroller
Reichstag: Stroller
Holocaust Memorial: Baby Carrier
Berlin Wall: Stroller
Alexanderplatz: Stroller
Checkpoint Charlie: Stroller (Usually a really crowded area so if you're in need of speed I would stick to the baby carrier.)
Pergamon Museum: Stroller
Subway System: Baby carrier (Unless you are okay with lugging the stroller up and down several flights of stairs. We had a hard time finding a working elevator.)
Bus System: Stroller (They even had a stroller parking area on the bus.)

Useful Links:
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  1. Great idea!!!!!! I know some people feel like there's a sort of hard-line "no more strollers" age, but it simply isn't like that in the city. It will be a very long time, for example before my son is able to walk the 12 city blocks, safely, to get the Target.:)

  2. If you live in an area where you're driving everywhere and then walking a few feet into a store from time to time, you can ditch the stroller whenever. I know some people feel like there's a sort of hard-line "no more strollers" age, but it simply isn't like that in the city.

    1. I have to agree. Having a baby in the city, where you are walking miles at a time, a stroller is really handy!


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