Baby Changing Stations in Bamberg, Germany

I never gave any thought to baby changing tables or rooms before I had Sam. To be completely honest, I don't think I even noticed them. Then as soon as Sam was born in cold Germany, the need for a changing station became a critical life need. I was flabbergasted that not all establishments had thought about this during construction!

In a recent publication of Bambolino, a bimonthly family focused magazine about Bamberg, was a  half page dedicated to telling its readers where all the changing stations are in Bamberg! I thought I would pass along the pertinent information.

  • Atrium: In the WC
  • Bootshaus (Boathouse): In the handicap WC
  • Buchhandlung Bubscher (Pretty Bookshop) in the downtown Gruner Markt
  •  Cafe DaCaBo, Heumarkt: In the woman's WC
  • Cafe Muller: In the woman's WC
  • C & A: On the first floor, in the back to the left
  • Denns: By the bakery
  • dm-Markt
  • Hofcafe: In the woman's WC
  • H&M in the downtown Gruner Markt
  • Kaufhaus Karstadt: By the WC on the first floor
  • Market Center Hallstadt: In the handicap  WC
  • Restaurant Dal Pelloni: In the handicap  WC
  • Stillbruch: In the woman's WC

    *WC is the German sign for a restroom.