Baby Bjorn Soft Bib Product Review

Product: Baby Bjorn Soft Bib
Purpose: Baby Bib

SCS Rating


I was in search of a washable bib and came across quite a few. My favorite by far is this Baby Bjorn soft bib. The big selling point for me was the large holding compartment I lovingly call the "second try bowl".  Some of the plastic bibs I was trying has a pocket that was intended to catch the food but never truly did  the job.  Not to mention, it was extremely hard to keep the area clean. Others came with fabric around it which defeats the purpose of a quick clean bib. The Baby Bjorn has taken care of these issues. The bowl at the bottom is big enough to catch all the items that miss Sam's mouth and spacious enough for me to get in there and clean it properly. She loves getting the food that dropped down. In fact she was so inthrawled with it when we first used it that I had to put her food directly into the catching bowl so she would eat. The bib is so quick and easy to clean we only need the one! I just wash it along with her dishes from the meal and we are set to go again the next time she needs to eat. No more owning 8759238547 bibs that pile high waiting for me to wash them. They also come in cute color choices!