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Baby Changing Stations in Bamberg, Germany

I never gave any thought to baby changing tables or rooms before I had Sam. To be completely honest, I don't think I even noticed them. Then as soon as Sam was born in cold Germany, the need for a changing station became a critical life need. I was flabbergasted that not all establishments had thought about this during construction!

In a recent publication of Bambolino, a bimonthly family focused magazine about Bamberg, was a  half page dedicated to telling its readers where all the changing stations are in Bamberg! I thought I would pass along the pertinent information.

Atrium: In the WCBootshaus (Boathouse): In the handicap WCBuchhandlung Bubscher (Pretty Bookshop) in the downtown Gruner Markt Cafe DaCaBo, Heumarkt: In the woman's WCCafe Muller: In the woman's WCC & A: On the first floor, in the back to the leftDenns: By the bakerydm-MarktHofcafe: In the woman's WCH&M in the downtown Gruner MarktKaufhaus Karstadt: By the WC on the first floorMarket Center Ha…

London with a 9 Month Old Baby!

We couldn't leave Europe without visiting London, the sister city to NY, where I'm from. We only had a short time frame for the trip and were only able to spend 3 days there. I would suggest staying for at least a week. We felt a bit rushed and with a sippy cup sojourner in tow, that adds unnecessary stress to the vacation. Even with the time crunch, we had an amazing time! Talk about a city of delight! There is always something happening on every corner!

We started our trip by plane. We flew in from Germany. Navigating an airport is hectic, if possible, check your stroller at the front desk, throw a the baby in a baby carrier and give your partner the backpack, and head out! We use a backpack diaper bag for traveling. Everything we need for the trip goes inside. That way we aren't juggling several bags and a baby between us.

Sam was still young enough to sit on our laps for this trip. She may have meet the age requirement but our big baby was a handful sitting on our lap…

Baby Bjorn Soft Bib Product Review

Product: Baby Bjorn Soft Bib
Purpose: Baby Bib

SCS Rating


I was in search of a washable bib and came across quite a few. My favorite by far is this Baby Bjorn soft bib. The big selling point for me was the large holding compartment I lovingly call the "second try bowl".  Some of the plastic bibs I was trying has a pocket that was intended to catch the food but never truly did  the job.  Not to mention, it was extremely hard to keep the area clean. Others came with fabric around it which defeats the purpose of a quick clean bib. The Baby Bjorn has taken care of these issues. The bowl at the bottom is big enough to catch all the items that miss Sam's mouth and spacious enough for me to get in there and clean it properly. She loves getting the food that dropped down. In fact she was so inthrawled with it when we first used it that I had to put her food directly into the catching bowl so she would eat. The bib is so quick and easy to clean we only…

Update: Baby Swimming Lessons in Bamberg, Germany

While at the Franken Lagune pool in Hirschaid with Sam I ran across another flier for baby swim classes. This one is offered for babies from 6 to 12 months. The contact phone number is 09543/9559.

Fanken Lagune indoor pool in Hirchaid:

Love the Link: Sleeping in Airports

I don't suggest actually sleeping on a bench in an airport with a sippy cup sojourner, but this website has great information on what you can expect at different airports around the world.

I looked up the airport we will be flying into soon in Seoul, Korea. I was amused to discover they have a laundry service. Does this mean I shouldn't pack extra outfits for Sam? ;)

Berlin with a 7 month old baby!

We had family come and visit for the winter holidays. We decided to drive to Berlin and spend a few days in the capital of Germany.

We rented a vacation rental apartment. I can't say enough positive things about renting an apartment when traveling with a sippy cup sojourner. We had a full kitchen, living room, 2 bedrooms, and a washer and dryer. When we spent the entire day out and Sam decided we were going to go home, we were fully prepared to make dinner. Here are a few pictures of the place we rented.
The car ride there was roughly 4 hours long. I was so glad to see the infant carseat go. In her larger carseat I was able to just lean over and nurse her whenever she wanted. No more need to pack the pump! YAY! I also took along a new toy for every hour we were going to be on the road. I picked up simple, inexpensive toys she hadn't seen before to entertain her during her time awake. Thankfully she also slept for half the trip.

Berlin is very much a living city and most of the …

Driving In Germany

I recently took a road trip with Sam. Here is my rough guide to Germany's rest stops on the roads and Autobahns.

Rest Stops

The most basic stopping area is designated with this blue P sign. The number on the bottom indicates how far away the stopping area is, in meters. You are most likely to find a single side road with trash cans, benches and or picnic tables.

On our navigation system these rest stops show up like the picture below. Each brand will vary.

The next type of stopping area is one with a restroom or a "WC" as they labeled it here in Germany. These restrooms generally do not have baby amenities. They are free and generally the bare minimum. Think, large metal room with no toilet seat. Perfect in a pinch for adults to use but I wouldn't take my Sippy Cup Sojourner within 10 meters of the place! :)

The most ideal resting stop for sippy cup sojourners is a fully stocked resting area. The signs vary based on what companies are at each stop but generally they look …

Beaba Babycook Product Review

Product: Beaba Babycook
Purpose: Baby Food Maker

SCS Rating

Product Details:
Blender, Steamer, Defroster, and Reheater
BPA and PVC Free

Website: Beaba

This was one of the best products I got from my baby registry. Granted Sam didn't need it for the first 6 months of her life but when she did, I was so glad I had it! When Sam first started eating solids I would pick out the freshest vegetables, steam them right in the Beaba, then add some water and blend it into a perfect puree! It was so much easier then making 92874593 dishes just to produce 2 oz. of food. I knew I wanted to make her food as fresh as possible so the Beaba allowed me to do just that without the added dishes. When Sam got a little older and I knew what she liked to eat I could make the batches of food a little bigger and freeze the leftovers. I just love how this product allows me to experiment without loss. If she hates the new combination, I've only created one dish to wash and only tossed 3-4 oz of food! Now…

Love the Link: KinderHotels

I recently found this link and thought it was worth a share. This company has compiled a list of family friendly hotels in Europe. Although the areas are limited it is well organized and allows families to find the perfect hotel! Some even provide free child care with your room!


Rome, Italy with a 6 Month Old Baby x2!

We took Sam the Sippy Cup Sojourner to Rome, Italy when she was 6 months old. We have great friends who live in another part of Germany and we meet up with them for the long Thanksgiving weekend. They brought along their own Sippy Cup Sojourner, E. Taking Sam on a traveling adventure at 6 months was different than taking her at 3 months. The biggest difference was that she was eating solids. When she was just nursing we had all of her food on demand whenever and wherever she wanted which was so nice. Now we had to ensure we had some solid food for her. We traveled by plane from the Nuremberg, Germany airport to Rome. The Nuremberg airport is a convenient airport for its size. It has plenty of baby changing areas and a play area for older children by the departure gates. For more information of the Nuremberg Airport click HERE. We drove to the airport and used the prepaid parking on-line reservation system. It saves you money and is easy to use. Inside the airport both the downstairs …