Sam the Sippy Cup Sojourner

Hello, my name is Nicole. I am the mother of a sippy cup sojourner named Sam. She is the love of my life. She made her grand appearance in 2011. I have been trying to navigate the world with her in tow ever since. It takes a lot more than a sling and a carseat to raise a baby while traveling the world. We have been trotting the globe since 2008. I'm constantly searching the web trying to get hints and information about everywhere we go. It tends to be a tedious affair but is always worth it. In the end I know exactly where the baby changing station is, or which restaurants are kid friendly. I've decided it is now my turn to leave some cookie crumbs of information for the next mom on the road with a sippy cup sojourner. Since 2014 we have settled down in the D.C. area and are experimenting with the idea of a home town and "roots".