Rome, Italy with a 6 Month Old Baby x2!

We took Sam the Sippy Cup Sojourner to Rome, Italy when she was 6 months old. We have great friends who live in another part of Germany and we meet up with them for the long Thanksgiving weekend. They brought along their own Sippy Cup Sojourner, E. Taking Sam on a traveling adventure at 6 months was different than taking her at 3 months. The biggest difference was that she was eating solids. When she was just nursing we had all of her food on demand whenever and wherever she wanted which was so nice. Now we had to ensure we had some solid food for her. We traveled by plane from the Nuremberg, Germany airport to Rome. The Nuremberg airport is a convenient airport for its size. It has plenty of baby changing areas and a play area for older children by the departure gates. For more information of the Nuremberg Airport click HERE. We drove to the airport and used the prepaid parking on-line reservation system. It saves you money and is easy to use. Inside the airport both the downstairs and the upstairs cafes outside the security check point had highchairs.

Once on the plane we strapped her into the on-lap seat belt the flight attendants will give passengers. I was concerned about her ears popping so I waited to nurse her until we were taxing for take off. Sam has always been a quick and efficient nurser so I have to wait until we are heading full speed for take off to start nursing her to ensure she is able to nurse for the entire take off. She fell asleep as soon as the plane leveled off. Thankfully she slept for the whole 2.5 hour plane ride.

Once we arrived in Rome with took a shuttle to our airport. Like most airports, the shuttles and taxis line the streets outside the airport. I was able to transfer Sam into her Ergobaby carrier without waking her. Having my hands free allowed us to get the luggage, get into the shuttle and head out.

When we got to the hotel I pulled out some of Sam's favorite toys and a snack. I also made sure to stop at the toy store before we left and bought a few new items for the trip to keep her occupied during times I needed her patients. Although we focus on fresh food at home when we are traveling it is nice to have some pre-made organic snacks tucked into the diaper bag.

We found Rome to be stroller friendly when walking around downtown. The sidewalks are well paved. We brought along our Bugaboo bee with a few added accessories for Sam and Mommy's comfort. We bought a German winter footy for the stroller, a hand muff for mommy, and a extended sun shade for keeping the sun out of Sam's eyes as she slept.

Public transportation was also stroller friendly. The buses had stroller parking areas.

The museums were stroller accessible but the older historic sites and ruins were best concurred with a baby carrier. At this point Sam had transferred from the Moby wrap to the Ergobaby full time. (A list of some of the attractions we visited and the best mode of baby transport is at the bottom of this post.)

Having E. there was wonderful for Sam! She had a built in playmate the whole time. Meals were easier having her entertained. Also having someone for her to "chat" with in the Ergo kept her smiling and happy. We were even able to share baby food, and switch toys when the girls got bored. I would take all our Sippy Cup Sojourner trips together if we could! Having two extra pair of hands during transitions was a life saver too!

Even with the new added challenges as our little Sippy Cup Sojourners grows the experiences we share with them will last for a lifetime. (At least for mom and dad... Sam may never remember our trips but we will be there to share all the pictures and stories with her as she grows.)

Where and How:

Colosseum: Baby Carrier
Roman and Imperial Forums: Baby Carrier
St. Peter's Basilica: Stroller Parking Provided then Baby Carrier
Trevi Fountain: Stroller
The Pantheon: Stroller
Spanish Steps: Stroller (If you aren't going to climb the 138 steps, baby carrier if you are.)
Piazza Navona: Stroller
Vittorio Emanuele II Monument: Baby Carrier
Piazza del Popolo: Stroller

Thank you to S. & W. for allowing me to use pictures of our trip! E. is the most adorable baby and Sam's best friend! We love you guys!

Our Gear:


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