Reisenthel Easy Shopping Bag Product Review

Product: Reisenthel Easy Shopping Bag
Purpose: Reusable shopping bag

SCS Rating

Website: Reisenthel
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Price: € 13.90

When grocery shopping in Germany the customer is expected to provide their own bags for check out. The customer is also expected to do all of the bagging. When Ryan and I first moved to Germany this caused some moments of fluster as we quickly tried to prepare our bags, get everything in them, pay for the items, and quickly move out of the way for the next customer (the cashier moves at lightning speed). We carried a bag filled with reusable canvas bags requiring us to get the bags out, set them up, load them one by one, then place the bags into the shopping cart. With so many things going on it was inevitable that the next customer's items were being flung down to us before we even cleared the area leaving that person frustrated that we had not cleared the area already.

Introduce the Reisenthel easy shopping bag and instant command of the situation! This bag is placed into the shopping cart as you shop. Just place your items right inside as you go. Also a great way to ensure you don't over buy! Then at check out put your items onto the convyer belt. Then move the entire cart to the other end and place the items quickly back into the bag. The bag is already in the cart, open, and you already know every item will fit! Ahhh.... perfection! The bag even comes with a velcro closure so you wont loose a single tomato during transport. Inside the bag is a zippered compartment for storing reusable produce bags or whatever else you need on your shopping adventures. On the front of the compartment is a clear snap closure with cart coins inside! GENIUS! In Germany the carts are tethered together with coin operated release mechanisms. The customer has to insert a 1 Euro coin before you can take a cart. Of course at the most incoveinet times you realize you don't have a coin! Not a problem if you own the Reisenthel Easy Shopping Bag!! Just pull out of the plastic "coins" which are the exact size of the 1 Euro coins and WA-HA-LA you have a shopping cart! I wouldn't grocery shop without it!