Podster Product Review

Product: Podster by Leach Co.

Purpose: A baby lounger

Made in the USA

SCS Rating

Oh, how I LOVE the Podster! I bought the swing (two in fact), I bought the bouncy seat, I bought the wraps, and yet nothing allowed Sam to feel as comfortable and cradled as the Podster. Sam was one of those babies that would NEVER let me put her down. She would sense the moment I had removed her from my arms and would instantly wake up and scream. After a month of desperation (laundry needs to get done eventually) I frantically started searching the web for a solution. I read a review from another mother, similar to myself, who had a child that would not stand to be put down. She mentioned the Podster and that it was the only thing that helped. I BOUGHT IT INSTANTLY. The day it came in I learned it's magical powers. Sam loved her Podster and didn't mind hanging out there while she was awake or sleeping. The cover is made of cotton and is easily removable for washing. It has an adjustable strap on the bottom for a more snug fit when the baby is small and then expands when they grow. Sam is now 10 months old and her nanny still uses it to feed her bottles in. She says it's the only way Sam feels completely comfortable and able to drift off to sleep. The fact that my over 20 lb. 10 month old still fits in this comfortably is a testament to it's longevity as a baby product. I HIGHLY recommend the Podster! Don't wait a month like I did, buy it before your little one is born!

Sam at one month old.

Sam at 10 months old.

Sam at 13 months old... She still loves this thing!