Nice, France with a 3 month old infant!

This story is best told in pictures. We traveled from Bamberg, Germany to Nice, France with Sam when she was 3 months old. We took the train in the hopes that it would be a smoother ride for her since she was never a fan of her infant carseat. Oh boy! This turned out to be a crazy adventure but we managed to laugh the whole way there and still talk about the adventure at the dinner table!
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Here we are in our entry way in Germany all geared up and ready to go. We both wore our Moby wraps. My husband has a black one and I have a girly swirly print brown one. We loved it since Sam fell asleep with no fuss while being worn in one. Since we both had one on under our cardigans it was easy to pass her back and forth along the journey without having to take the carrier on and off. We would simply tightened after passing her off. We also took our Bugaboo Bee (which I really can't say enough good things about). We put a strap around it for extra hold and took the front wheels off so we could wheel it and stand it just like a suitcase. I also attacked a bike basket to the handle bar for extra storage. We each wore a backpack instead of diaper bags or purses. Since Sam was so small having all our hands free was a MUST on this trip. Not to mention we would be getting on and off 3 different trains on our way to France.

While Sam was awake we tried to occupy the handicap seats on the trains. It allowed us to stay with our luggage and gear giving us more time to exit the train when our stop came. It also allowed Sam to people watch, one of her all time favorite activities. It also helped entertain her during the train rides, people loved playing peek-a-boo and cooing over her.

During times Sam was going to need a nap or a rest we tried to get a forward facing seat in the middle of the train. Ryan would store the gear in the luggage compartments of the train and we would settle in with our Flyebaby travel sling. The sling allowed us to rest our arms and have some free time while Sam took a nap.

During transfers we would tuck her back into her Moby Wrap and grab the gear and head out. The most difficult part of the train rides were finding changing area on the train. Some trains had changing stations and some didn't, those were interesting. We ended up both taking her in together and it really did take all four hands to get the job done in such a tight space. All the French trains had WONDERFUL baby room so their trains. A delight for any Sippy Cup Sojourner!

Our journey to France also included a night ride on a sleeper car. This was by far the easiest part of the trip. Since Sam and I were exclusively co-sleeping for the first 5 months of her life we were right at
home in the little bunk. I swaddled her up and we both slept like angels! Here she is waking up in France! Sweet baby girl! Ryan is standing in our sleeper car with Sam in this picture. We had a middle bunk and Daddy slept on a top bunk. There are nets you can request to secure yourself in. I'll never forget the look of horror in the other passengers faces as we walked in with our little Sippy Cup Sojourner. I'm positive they all thought we were going to keep them up with a screaming infant the whole night. Lets just say they were all our best friends in the morning. Thank goodness for nursing! ;)

Once in Nice we rented an apartment from We've had great experiences with them each time we've rented on our travels. Staying in an apartment with a laundry machine, a kitchen, and bedrooms was really nice while traveling with an infant. There were a few moments of improvising we had to make but that has to be expected when traveling with children. We turned this buffet table into a changing table for Sam. Worked like a charm! We also had to find a way to give her the bedtime bath she was accustomed to. Turns out a 3 month old fits perfectly into a bathroom sink. She loved it and we did too!

Ahh.... relaxation! We rented beach chairs since the beaches in Nice are covered in rocks. We brought along the stroller so Sam could have a chair of her own. She hung out right between us and took in the fresh ocean air! There were plenty of umbrellas and we made sure to use her baby sunscreen on her delicate skin. I even took her out into the water. Being a water baby since birth she enjoyed it even though the temperature was a little chilly than she was used to.

We found a way to attach a hand fan to the stroller to cool Sam down in the heat. She loved it and it really helped her fall asleep in the stroller. I came home to find out that this has already been invented and ordered two! (Product link at the end of this entry.)

I walked into a baby store in Nice and found this AMAZING summer wrap! We LOVE our Moby wraps but in the heat of Nice it was to hot for Sam to sleep in it. This wrap is made out of mesh style fabric and lets all the air in. I bought it instantly and was smitten for the rest of the trip because I could put her to sleep right on my chest, her favorite.

Having a kitchen and a washing machine in the apartment was a life saver. It allowed us to really cut down on what we packed. We brought the minimum and just washed it if it got dirty.

Here I am shopping at the outdoor markets in my new wrap! Sam is happy and fast asleep!

We always make sure to take plenty of breaks on our travels with our little Sippy Cup Sojourner. It gives us time to interact with Sam and nurse and rest (which travelers often forget to do!). All the breaks end up allowing us to enjoy the area even more. A coffee here, an appetizer there, we end up catching live bands and talking to people along the way!

Since I ended up using my new sling a lot on our trips I wanted to make sure Sam was protected from the sun so I started carrying around the stroller's sun umbrella. It was perfectly compact and helped shield her from the sun.

Even with the best of planning sometimes there just isn't a changing room available. An added perk of traveling in the summer months is being able to just lay down the stroller and use it as a changing table. Another reason we love our Bugaboo Bee!

Playing with the baby is half the fun of traveling now! Well... that comes close second to napping on the beach with baby!

Heading home. The best part of having a Sippy Cup Sojourner is the memories you make.


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  1. Such a nice adventure. You will see, that it is much easier to travel with them when they are little. It is still exciting when they get older, but just easier when they are little and you strap them to your back and go your way. I love the sling for the train. I have an image of giving our son a bath in a sink when we traveled to Manchester too. Those are all amazing memories.


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