Keukenhof with a 7 day old baby!

Sam was born in Germany at the beginning of May. I was determined to take her to see the tulips in the Netherlands before they shut down the Keukenhof at the end of the month. Just as most babies do, she had her own plans when it came to delivery. Thankfully I was comfortable enough to head out 7 days after she made her appearance. We drove the 6.5 hours from Bamberg, Germany to the Netherlands. Thankfully 7 day old babies sleep, a lot. Ryan drove us the whole way and mommy and baby rested and slept in the back seat. Well I mostly slept. I did manage to play dress up with her while she slept.

The amazing thing about taking the autobahn is the rest stops. They all have full changing stations for babies. Some even have mini toilets for potty training toddlers. The baby changing rooms are free of charge but there is usually a E .20 fee to use the adult toilets. There are usually great food choices and sit down restaurants, great for fueling mommy up and having a place to nurse or feed the little one.

3 Day Packing list:

*6 complete outfits
*2 pjs
*2 blankets
*1 package of newborn diapers
*1 Moby wrap
*1 Stroller

In hindsight I should have packed more pjs. We also took laundry detergent. I was glad we did, since in newborn fashion, Sam had a few blowouts which caused us to have to do laundry in the sink. Also I would have left the stroller at home. Sam was so small she just wanted to be near me so she stayed in the Moby wrap the majority of the time.

We stayed at the Hotels Van Oranje. I highly recommend it. It was in front of the ocean, so we got that amazing sea breeze right from our room. It was also a quick drive (or bus ride) from the Keukenhof. The staff was extremely friendly and accommodating with the baby. There is an indoor pool on the first floor that the older children seemed to be having a blast in. The room was large for European standards. There would have been plenty of room for a portable crib. We co-slept so didn't use one. There was also a table and chairs in the room. Here is a photo of Sam and I at the beach, right in front of the hotel. As you can see in the pictures there's playground equipment right on the beach.

The Keukenhof:
Practicalities- there were baby changing areas at every restroom I went into. (I went into a lot of them.) Since the weather is nice during the time it is open there really is no need for a baby station. Moms were laying out babies on the grass and changing them in the fresh air. Benches were common so nursing was easy. There is also a restaurant in the middle of the park. There were plenty of activities for older children to do as well. (Giant windmill, petting zoo, cotton candy, and giant activity centers.) The park was very stroller friendly if you need it.