Infant Swimming and Baby Massage in Bamberg, Germany

Being a sojourner is different than being a traveler in the fact that we LIVE in different places, for short amounts of time, instead of just traveling there. It adds a different dimension to our family life. Our family has to become integrated, to an extent, into the local culture and way of life.

While we live in Bamberg, Germany we enrolled Sam in German infant massage with a "Hebamme" (German word for Midwife) and an infant swimming class. Since the infant massage classes takes place with all the babies in the nude, we are going to forgo posting the photos on this blog. Even though we speak a shamefully small amount of German, we were able to enroll Sam and navigate the class. I have to admit we did sound silly trying to sing her the German songs in swim class. Everyone loved our effort and rewarded us with basic English conversations. :D

The infant massage class was a once a week class spanning 6 weeks. The classes were held in the midwifes' practice in a large room. She kept the room very warm and there were plenty of padding on the floor for parents and babies. We loved our Hebamme. She spoke wonderful English and made sure to translate all of the directions during the class. Even without translation we would have been able to follow along. You will need to bring two large towels and one small towel to class with you. Massage oil was provided by Hebamme. The class is recommended starting at 3 months old. I highly recommend the midwife we used:

Hebamme: Nuran Erdogan
Zenhentholz 15 - 96114 Hirschaid
Tel. 0172/ 8242297

We also enrolled Sam in baby swimming. This class was held once a week, Fridays at 5pm, for six weeks. The enrollment fee was 75 Euros. The pool was heated and indoors so we were able to take the class in the middle of the winter. We were asked to bring a towel, robes, and shower shoes to class. Most babies just came in a swim diaper but I put Sam in a rash guard to keep her a little bit warmer. Each class had different activities with a focus on getting the babies comfortable and confident in the water. The instructor spoke very little English but this didn't hinder our ability to enjoy the class. We just looked around at everyone else was doing and joined in. Just like we always do in foreign countries, we use a little bit of improvised sign language and everyone gets their point across. :) Sam LOVED this class so much. It got to the point where I would pull out her swimsuit and she would flail her arms in excitement. The best part was the instructor takes family pictures of you in the pool and gives you the prints and a rubber duck as a parting gift! Here is the contact information for the instructor we used:

Sonja Grabner
Kursleiterin Babyschwimmen
Amselstr. 4-6, Bishberg
Tel: 09543/ 850595