Giving Birth In Bamberg, Germany

The Birth of Sam... My Sippy Cup Sojourner

I received all my prenatal care and gave birth to Sam in Germany. For my prenatal care I used Dr. Rosin's practice in downtown Bamberg. Dr. Rosin Review & Information I would highly recommend them. The practice consists of a husband wife team. I liked having the choice of whom I was going to see. If I needed to be coddled I went to see Dr. Mrs. Rosin. If I wanted the straight facts I scheduled Mr. Dr. Rosin. :) Being pregnant will do crazy things to your emotions so having options was nice. For the labor and delivery portion I went to the Klinikum in Bamberg. It is the main hospital in the area. Klinikum

Things no one told me about having a baby in Germany:

* Your OB will NOT be the doctor delivering your baby. There is a special delivery room staff at the hospital that will be doing it. You can go in beforehand to meet the head doctor and staff but there is no promise who will be there.

* If you have the baby at the hospital you are only allowed one individual in the delivery room. That means if you are going to have your husband there you can not have your mother or a doula as well.

* You have to request a "family room" in order for your husband to be able to stay throughout the night with you in the recovery wing. Here is a picture of our family room. Talk about an amazing view of Germany!

* After you have your baby, if you would like your baby to be registered as an American and receive a Birth Abroad American Birth Certificate, you have to get the birth certificate from the town hall downtown and then register with the American Consulate. Frankfurt Consulate

Amazing things about having a baby in Germany:

* Even at the hospital you are able to have an all natural water birth with the assistance of mid-wives. Here is a photo of the water birth suite.

* All the rooms have flat screen TVs and entire changing stations for baby. Clothes, diapers, wipes, and heating lamps are available for your use while at the hospital.

* The hospital has a baby bathing area where the nurses will show you and assist you in giving your baby the first bath.

* There are lactation specialists on call at all times. When I was having trouble nursing Sam at 4 in the morning all I had to do was press the assistance button and a lactation specialist came to my assistance.

For more in depth information on giving birth in Germany check out this How To Page.

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  1. Thank you so much for this! As I am fertility challenged, this helped me to feel 100% better about moving forward with our plan! Thank you so much! We will be moving to Bamberg in Dec 2012.

    1. I'm so glad my blog could help! I had a wonderful experience being pregnant and giving birth in Germany. The services and quality of care was top notch! Good luck with everything!

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