Garmish, Germany with a 1 Month Old Baby!

When Sam was a month old we decided to hit the road again and head to a resort in Garmish, Germany. Mommy needed a massage and what could be better for baby and a new mommy than fresh Alpine air? We survived the 3.5 hour car ride by taking Sam to the pool early in morning. We spent the morning letting her swim in her SwimAva. After the pool we bathed her and she nursed until she fell fast asleep. We then loaded up the car with her comfort items and took off. The sleep sheep was a life saver when we had to stop the car for fueling or to take a quick restroom break. I used some of her tiles from her mobile and placed it on a piece of construction paper to give her something interesting to look at, if she woke up. Of course we wouldn't go ANYWHERE without our Itzbeen. I'm still not sure how parents manage without one. I also brought along my Medela pump and a bottle. Since infant seats are so contured I was never able to nurse her while she was in there. The pump solved my problem. I'm a working mom so Sam has been taking a bottle from very early on. She doesn't mind it in the least bit. As soon as we got in the car I started pumping. That way whenever she stirred for a feeding, I was ready. Thankfully for this trip, with two feedings, she slept the whole way through.
I like to keep the car stocked with bibs, burp cloths, pacifiers, and of course sun glasses!
Driving on the Autobahn is a delight!
We made it! We stayed at the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort. It is a full resort for government affiliated personnel. Edelweiss They have baby cots available upon request and the room are very large.
Of course, we co-sleep while we travel so sleeping in a new place was a breeze for Sam. The Moby Wrap was perfect for our daily sightseeing. :) Sam slept perfectly cuddled with mommy during most of our adventures.
For more serious hiking, I took along my ErgoBaby carrier with the Heart to Heart insert. I loved the insert's high back for discrete nursing at any time. I carried on an entire conversation with a woman who didn't even realize Sam was awake, let alone nursing. The insert is also great for getting Sam out without waking her up. We stopped to eat at a local resturant and was able to take Sam out put her on the bench with me and she didn't even notice.