Denn's Biomarkt: Organic Food Store in Bamberg, Germany

Our family has made the switch to organic food. This had added another layer of frustration, at times, to our sojourner life style. Thankfully while we are living in Bamberg, Germany it hasn't proved to be that difficult to eat locally and organically. Our favorite organic food store, by far, is the Denn's Biomarkt in downtown Bamberg. The first picture is the intersection where it's located. For all their Germany locations check out their website. The company also has a facebook page. The underground parking is located behind the store next to the Best Western hotel. If you purchase groceries there you can present your parking ticket to the cashier and they will validate it for you. Warning: the parking area and spots are a tight fit, leave the large cars at home. When you first enter the store there is an organic bakery serving fresh bread, pastries, coffee, and several other items. We love going early in the morning, having a long sit down breakfast with Sam and then hitting the isles. There are wonderful shopping carts that securely hold an infant carseat as well as mini carts with location flags for toddlers to "help" mom shop! The produce section is at the entrance of the store and is always well stocked. Some things you wont find often, just because they are not staples of the German diet are chili peppers, and chives. We often have trouble finding our Mexican food staples such as sour cream, or Mexican style cheeses. Other than that we find everything we need at this store. My favorite part of the store is this little sit down rest area they have in the middle of the store. I've nick named this area the nursing area. When Sam was a newborn I loved knowing that I would have a comfortable place to sit and nurse her when we were grocery shopping. Without a doubt it took some of the stress out of a weekly chore. There is also a wonderful baby changing area in the bathroom located by the cafe. The store stocks a wide selection of natural remedies as well as plenty of baby food and supplies. There is even an entire natural cosmetics area. The staff is extremely helpful and the majority of them speak enough English to put my German skills to shame. They have even helped me find the perfect tea for my fussy teething baby. :) If you're in the area I highly recommend stopping by!

GPS Address: Obere Konigstr. 20 96052 Bamberg (Telephone: 0951/ 2080125)


  1. Looking at this makes me miss home so much. We've sat at the bakery do many times eating our pastry and drinking a coffee. We've also bought many groceries there. I remember our little one there as a barely one year old, and just recently as a three year old. Oh, memories. I can't believe we've never crossed path at any of these places. I love your blog, just sad to see my favorite stores and town that I've came to know so well is no so far away. What do I say though, you if anyone can relate very well to the changes and moves we have as a family with the little ones. Thanks for capturing and reminding me of these moments.


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