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Nice, France with a 3 month old infant!

This story is best told in pictures. We traveled from Bamberg, Germany to Nice, France with Sam when she was 3 months old. We took the train in the hopes that it would be a smoother ride for her since she was never a fan of her infant carseat. Oh boy! This turned out to be a crazy adventure but we managed to laugh the whole way there and still talk about the adventure at the dinner table!
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Here we are in our entry way in Germany all geared up and ready to go. We both wore our Moby wraps. My husband has a black one and I have a girly swirly print brown one. We loved it since Sam fell asleep with no fuss while being worn in one. Since we both had one on under our cardigans it was easy to pass her back and forth along the journey without having to take the carrier on and off. We would simply tightened after passing her off. We also took our Bugaboo Bee (which I really can't say enough good thing…

Reisenthel Easy Shopping Bag Product Review

Product: Reisenthel Easy Shopping Bag
Purpose: Reusable shopping bag

SCS Rating

Website: Reisenthel
Facebook Page: Reisenthel

Price: € 13.90

When grocery shopping in Germany the customer is expected to provide their own bags for check out. The customer is also expected to do all of the bagging. When Ryan and I first moved to Germany this caused some moments of fluster as we quickly tried to prepare our bags, get everything in them, pay for the items, and quickly move out of the way for the next customer (the cashier moves at lightning speed). We carried a bag filled with reusable canvas bags requiring us to get the bags out, set them up, load them one by one, then place the bags into the shopping cart. With so many things going on it was inevitable that the next customer's items were being flung down to us before we even cleared the area leaving that person frustrated that we had not cleared the area already.

Introduce the Reisenthel easy shopping bag and instant command of the situation…

Baby Proofing Outlets in Germany

Toting around Sam, with her new found mobility skills, I am left with the need to baby proof on the go and at home. I found two styles of German outlet covers. The one on the left is a cover that can be used with or without a plug. Simply place the prongs on the indented areas and turn. At the end of the turn the plug pops in and the socket can be used. The one on the left, can not be in place while using the socket. The worst part of it is, it's nearly impossible to get out when the socket needs to be used! They both run about the same price, 1 Euro for a bag of them. I would highly recommend going with the covers on the left. I found these particular ones at the one Euro store.

This video demonstrates my frustration at not being able to remove the larger covers from the outlets!

Infant Swimming and Baby Massage in Bamberg, Germany

Being a sojourner is different than being a traveler in the fact that we LIVE in different places, for short amounts of time, instead of just traveling there. It adds a different dimension to our family life. Our family has to become integrated, to an extent, into the local culture and way of life.

While we live in Bamberg, Germany we enrolled Sam in German infant massage with a "Hebamme" (German word for Midwife) and an infant swimming class. Since the infant massage classes takes place with all the babies in the nude, we are going to forgo posting the photos on this blog. Even though we speak a shamefully small amount of German, we were able to enroll Sam and navigate the class. I have to admit we did sound silly trying to sing her the German songs in swim class. Everyone loved our effort and rewarded us with basic English conversations. :D

The infant massage class was a once a week class spanning 6 weeks. The classes were held in the midwifes' practice in a large room. …

Denn's Biomarkt: Organic Food Store in Bamberg, Germany

Our family has made the switch to organic food. This had added another layer of frustration, at times, to our sojourner life style. Thankfully while we are living in Bamberg, Germany it hasn't proved to be that difficult to eat locally and organically. Our favorite organic food store, by far, is the Denn's Biomarkt in downtown Bamberg. The first picture is the intersection where it's located. For all their Germany locations check out their website. The company also has a facebook page. The underground parking is located behind the store next to the Best Western hotel. If you purchase groceries there you can present your parking ticket to the cashier and they will validate it for you. Warning: the parking area and spots are a tight fit, leave the large cars at home. When you first enter the store there is an organic bakery serving fresh bread, pastries, coffee, and several other items. We love going early in the morning, having a long sit down breakfast with Sam and then hi…

Podster Product Review

Product: Podster by Leach Co.

Purpose: A baby lounger

Made in the USA

SCS Rating

Oh, how I LOVE the Podster! I bought the swing (two in fact), I bought the bouncy seat, I bought the wraps, and yet nothing allowed Sam to feel as comfortable and cradled as the Podster. Sam was one of those babies that would NEVER let me put her down. She would sense the moment I had removed her from my arms and would instantly wake up and scream. After a month of desperation (laundry needs to get done eventually) I frantically started searching the web for a solution. I read a review from another mother, similar to myself, who had a child that would not stand to be put down. She mentioned the Podster and that it was the only thing that helped. I BOUGHT IT INSTANTLY. The day it came in I learned it's magical powers. Sam loved her Podster and didn't mind hanging out there while she was awake or sleeping. The cover is made of cotton and is easily removable for washing. It has an adjustable strap on …